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Forensics For Kids

One effective way to promote children’s interest in science is to teach them about forensics. Forensics involves the collection and presentation of scientific evidence to promote justice in courts of law, and it is an indispensable part of criminal investigation. Most children are interested in solving crime mysteries, and they will most likely be fascinated with forensic science. Activities such as learning about crime investigation methods and gadgets, collecting evidence at a crime scene, and studying evidence in a laboratory will help improve children’s abilities to apply logical thinking in different situations and find solutions to problems. These skills can help them overcome difficult situations that they may face later on in life.

Forensics for Kids

  • Kids Mysteries: Lots of mysteries for kids to solve in this website.
  • CSI Web Adventures: Web adventures, games, and other fun activities for children and teens who are interested in forensic science.
  • Investigation Discovery: This website offers a wide selection of games and quizzes that are related to forensic science.
  • Forensic Science: Exciting forensic activities and worksheets for children aged 8 and above.

Forensics for the Teachers

  • Backpack Mystery: An interesting mystery solving activity for middle school students.
  • It Takes a Licken: Students can learn how to create a DNA fingerprint by taking part in this activity.
  • Who Dunnit?: This lesson can help students gain a better understanding of various aspects of forensic science.

Forensics for the Parents

  • All About Forensics: Parents can use the information in this website to teach their children about forensics.
  • FFFBI: Parents can improve the logical thinking skills of their children by helping them complete these missions.
  • Bones and the Badge: In this web quest activity, children have to use analytical skills to find out whether crime can be accurately explained by science.

Recommended Reading

  • Detective Science: This book contains 40 criminal investigation activities for kids.